Monday, May 9, 2011

I won!!

I am so excited. I won a free 3 month subscription to the Cricut Circle, how fun! I won from Katie's awesome blog, check it out:


  1. Congratulations!! Now you can let us in on this "secret" society!! I have no doubt you put it to wonderful use and make us all want to be members too!! Congrats again!

  2. Lisa's comment makes me laugh! If Provo Craft could have picked a winner for this reason, I guess I would be it, LOL!

  3. Well from wone circle girl to another "Welcome".
    Ok so Like I cant wait for this next cart it looks like the best (circle)one yet. You'll want to watch out for the provo sales they will give you an extra 10% off all purchases and its really been worth it if you like the sesonal carts and when they put embossing floders in the mix.
    Check out the Circle bog as well.
    fyi I kept one of my circle carts and I'm going to sell it, it will help fund my next years membership.

  4. Hi Debbie, please go to my blog and click "contact me" to send me an email. I need your email address to send you your activation code. Thanks, and congrats!!!