Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow in Kentucky

Took a couple of pictures this morning, the snow is pretty, but I am so done with it, enough already!!


  1. Very pretty pics! I just could not bring myself to take any pics of this latest snowfall....I can't hardly stand it anymore!

    Went to Sam's the other night and got excited seeing all the lawn and garden stuff - a good sign indeed!

    I'm going to get myself in gear and make the Cancer Crop on Saturday. Going to see if I can
    recruit Bill to help me pack up some supplies! See ya tomorrow!

  2. Lawn and garden, yes, I long for that too! So glad you are going to the cancer crop, I am really looking forward to it!

  3. Y'all have fun I'll be making my way back home for a few days. After last weeks blizzard I. DONT. WANT. TO. SEE. ANYMORE. SNOW!!!!!

    Have fun! Miss you all!

  4. I have taken a total of ONE picture of all the snow we have had this year. And I only took that one to send to Mom and Dad and so I could also gripe about the weather. I am SO, SO glad the sun is out today!